You’re here because you want more.

Somewhere deep down you know there’s something that you’ve always wanted to do but maybe you’ve made excuses about.

Time, experience, know-how, fear.

And more than likely you were scrolling on Pinterest and found me.

Then those excuses seemed to fade away.

You didn’t think you could do it.

Until now.

You’re finally ready to start your online boutique, to take your dream off the shelf and make it happen.

Maybe you just want to bring another income into the household without taking time away from those you love the most.

Or maybe you want to grow this thing to actually afford to have bigger dreams, like a bigger house, those bucket list vacations and to pay school fees without asking the in laws 😉

But even more importantly it’s about doing something for yourself. You want to make this vision you have come to life. And you’re ready to do the work to turn your wish into reality.

I’m here to help you. That’s why I created

I’m Jenelle! Wife, mama, lover of eCommerce and all things pink 💗

When I lost my dream job during the recession, I found eCommerce—launching multiple businesses and going through the roller coaster of frustration, disappointment and doubt.  

But I didn’t give up.  

And a few years ago, I launched a business that I was able to brand, build and sell just 7 months later!  

That’s when I knew I finally had the breakthrough I was looking for in the years of figuring things out. And now I have the privilege of sharing that blueprint with women just like you so that you can experience the freedom and growth that I have as an entrepreneur.