Creating Your Website

  • How to make a clothing website

    How to Make a Clothing Website

    If you’ve been following along with our journey, you’ve already formed your LLC, snagged that wholesale license, and filled your boutique with swoon-worthy inventory. Now, it’s time to level up and dive into the digital world with our guide on “How to Make a Clothing Website.” I’m thrilled you’ve made it this far because, let’s […]


  • 7 Tips for Designing Your Online Boutique Website

    If you plan to sell products online, then you need to have a great online boutique website design. There are a bunch of platforms, themes and services that make it easier than ever to design a website on your own. But what should you consider to make sure that it actually performs well? In this […]


  • 4 Keys When Writing Product Descriptions for Your Online Boutique

      When you’re running and starting an online boutique, it’s important to have great online boutique description for products on your website. After all, shoppers can’t buy what they can’t see! Product descriptions help customers visualize what you have to offer and start to envision themselves in the clothing, shoes or accessories. Your job as […]


  • Product Photography for Your Online Boutique

    If you’re running and starting an online boutique, then you know how important it is to have great product photography. So in this article, we’ll talk about product photography for your online boutique. After all, customers can’t come in and touch or try on your items! Your images have to convey what makes your products […]


  • how to create a return policy for an online boutique

    Should I Have A Return Policy For My Online Boutique?

    Returns, refunds, and exchanges are just a part of doing business online. It can be tempting to try to avoid it altogether. But opening an online boutique and not having a online boutique return policy will do more harm than good in the long run.     Your job as an online boutique owner is […]


  • If you’re going to start an online boutique business, then one of the first things you’ll need to do is buy a domain name. This post will teach you all the basics you'll need to get a domain name you love.

    How to Purchase a Domain for Your Online Boutique

    So, you’ve got this brilliant idea for your dream online store, and now you’re ready to make it official by snagging the perfect domain name. Exciting, right? Think of your domain as the neon sign above your boutique, beckoning customers in with its unique charm. But, I get it – if you’re new to this […]


  • How to Build Trust on Your Online Boutique Website

    Shopping online can be scary! Especially when it’s a new brand you’ve barely heard of. When you’re starting an online boutique, potential customers are looking for cues that they can and should spend their money with you such as your online boutique website. Building that intrinsic trust will go a long way to not only […]


  • Starting an online boutique business? Click through to learn 5 must have necessary website pages for your online boutique

    5 Must Have Website Pages for Your Online Boutique

    Having these five important pages on your online boutique website can make a huge difference in if you make the sale or not. As an online boutique you do not have an opportunity to impress your customers face to face or answer any questions they may have so your website should be the best sales […]