Starting Your Online Boutique

  • 5 Must Have Supplies You’ll Need When Starting an Online Boutique

    Embarking on the journey of starting your own online boutique is an exhilarating endeavor. It’s a venture that allows you to turn your passion for fashion or unique products into a thriving business. However, just like any other business, the success of your online boutique relies on careful planning and having the right tools at […]


  • If you want to start an online boutique but have no money click through to read more about what you'll actually need when launching the online boutique of your dreams.

    How to Start an Online Boutique with No Money

    In this day and age the dream of launching your own online boutique is more attainable than ever before. Whether you want to launch a women’s, kids or home goods & gifts boutique — there are endless opportunities to turn your entrepreneurial vision into reality. But what if you’re starting from scratch and find yourself […]


  • Want to start an online boutique? Interested in finding out how much it will cost to start an online boutique? Click through to find out how much money you need to start a SUCCESSFUL online boutique.

    How Much Does it Cost to Start an Online Boutique?

    Starting an online boutique is significantly cheaper than starting a brick-and-mortar retail location. You don’t need to pay rent, buy store fixtures or get liability insurance; depending on the square footage it can cost upwards of $20,000 according to Entrepreneur magazine.  Despite the super long list of costs that are avoided when starting an online […]


  • Already have an online boutique or want to start an online boutique? Click through for some packaging ideas for your online boutique. Everything from custom tape, custom poly mailers and custom stickers. Get inspired with these online boutique packaging ideas

    Packaging Inspiration for Online Boutiques

    First impressions are powerful. That’s why packaging your products the right way is so important. It helps you stand out from other boutiques, creates brand recognition and can be used as a marketing tool.     A great place to start would be with colored poly mailers. It’s the most cost effective choice and what […]


  • Are you an aspiring boutique owner desperate to start your online boutique but don't have any money? Click through to find out how you can begin saving money for your online boutique business?

    How to Save Money to Start Your Online Boutique

    “How can I save money to start my online boutique?” “I haven’t started my boutique because I don’t have any money”. Does that sound like you? Lack of starter capital is the main reason many aspiring boutique owners are sitting on their dream. I get it — if you want the highest likelihood of success, […]


  • there are so many ecommerce platforms to choose from when creating your online boutique. Click through to learn about the absolute BEST ecommerce platform for an online boutique business.

    The Best eCommerce Platform for an Online Boutique

    Looking to start an online boutique but feeling overwhelmed with the amount of options available when it comes to ecommerce platform? I get it. I started my journey in eCommerce almost 8 years ago. I’ve tried Woocommerce, Volusion and now I’ve been with Shopify for over 8 years. In this blog post, I’ll share why […]


  • How to start your online boutique while working a full time job. Click through to learn about things to consider when starting an online boutique business. Also get my Starting an online boutique checklist with steps on how to start a clothing boutique and find wholesale boutique clothes. #boutique #boutiqueboss #boutiquebusiness

    How to Start an Online Boutique While Working Full Time

    It’s tempting to want to put all your time and effort into launching and starting an online boutique business. But jumping in with both feet is far riskier than working the business on the side while you hang onto the income and security of your day job. Having a full-time job might make the process […]


  • Using the correct pricing strategies in order to make a profit on every sale is important when you are running an online boutique. Click through for 8 questions to consider when setting retail prices in your online boutique!

    How Price for Profit in your Online Boutique

    Setting retail prices for the products you sell in your online boutique can be nerve wracking. You want to price high enough to make a significant profit on each item but not too high where potential customers are sent into your competitors loving arms 😉 . On the other hand, if you price too low, […]