Starting an online boutique? Or know someone who is? Keep reading for a complete holiday gift guide for the aspiring online boutique owner. It’s exactly what you need to celebrate the holidays in style (and still reach all of your goals).

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Starting an online boutique is exciting! e-Commerce is getting more popular and there have never been more resources available to help bring your dream to life.

So in this holiday gift guide, you’ll find inspiration, motivation, organization…and a bit of fun as you start your journey.

Getting Organized Before You Start Your Online Boutique

I’m ‘old school’ with some things. So when it comes to starting your online boutique, I always suggest getting all your ideas out of your head and on to paper.

That way, you’ll begin organizing your thoughts as you work to bring them to life.

I love using a beautiful notebook and pen at my desk.

This set of pens is affordable, fun, and fancy! And this notebook features an inspirational quote on the cover that helps you to remember what you are working towards every time you pull it out!

But once you have all your ideas clearly written, you can start taking practical steps to bring your dream business to life.

Book Recommendations for Aspiring Online Boutique Owners

This book was gifted to me by my business mentor.

I open it every morning and read a page. It’s a great reminder to stay focused. And to also overcome the part of you that doesn’t want to take risks into the unknown.

Creating and maintaining a growth mindset is key to achieving your goals in life. And that’s true in business as well. 

The book is a great read and an amazing holiday gift for any aspiring entrepreneur.

Staying Inspired on Your Journey to Launch Your Online Boutiqueh

There’s nothing like a meaningful reminder.

This super cute mug is great for keeping you motivated (or caffeinated) while working on your dream business.

This inspiring bracelet is perfect for reminding yourself of what you’re working towards because no one is going to work on your dream more than you will.

And it’s your job to make sure you grow it into a thriving online business.

Resources for Aspiring Online Boutique Owners

If you want to take the first step on your journey, start with the Online Boutique Launch Roadmap™.

It features an in-depth video lesson, a step-by-step exercise guide, and a comprehensive eBook so that you know the path to follow BEFORE you try to buy inventory or create your website.

Another great resource is the Designed to Sell™ course

Creating a website for your online boutique is more than just making a traditional Shopify website. There are tiny details that matter when making a stranger decide to pull out their credit card and press ‘purchase’ — this course makes sure you set up your website for success.

Comprehensive Course on How to Start an Online Boutique

The ultimate holiday gift is the Online Boutique Success® group coaching program. It’s a complete system that gives you the essential training, tools, and resources to launch your boutique in just 12 weeks.

You get step-by-step video tutorials, templates, spreadsheets, swipe files and so much more. 

It’s truly the perfect gift for any aspiring online boutique owner (and yes, it’s okay to give yourself a gift this time of year too). 

Click here to join Online Boutique Success®

Happy holidays (and happy shopping)!