Starting an online boutique business is an amazing work from home opportunity. I’ll always remember hearing my first “cha-ching” from the Shopify app that notified me of my first sale. I’ve been hooked on making money online ever since!


For folks just starting their online boutique journey, hunting down trustworthy wholesale vendors can feel like quite the adventure. But guess what? These days, finding those perfect wholesale partners for your online boutique is a breeze!



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You don’t even have to spend thousands of dollars traveling to multiple tradeshows and wholesale markets anymore, you can just purchase from the comfort of your living room.

But buying wholesale clothing and accessories online is not as easy as just doing a Google search. You need to find trustworthy wholesale vendors who you’ll build a relationship with as you continue growing your business.

Major mistake when buying wholesale clothing online

There are a ton of cheap clothing sites out there that market themselves as wholesalers to aspiring online boutique owners — who then eagerly hand over money only to be met with a box of low quality clothing that they couldn’t even give away for free.

This also seems to be the perfect time to tell you to never purchase clothes for resale from overseas vendors without buying a sample so that you can test the quality of the product — especially not to resell to the average American consumer!

How to buy wholesale clothing online

In order to begin purchasing from legitimate U.S based wholesalers you’ll need to have a business entity.

It’s also important to have your EIN and to have your reseller permit also known as a wholesale license on hand since most platforms will require that information when you sign up. You’ll have to share some information about yourself and your online boutique so that the vendor understands your intention and experience level.

Some online wholesale marketplaces will require that you upload a purchase order — which shows that you have done legitimate business before. 

The sign up process can be manual depending on the online wholesale platform that you use. 

Once you are approved to buy wholesale inventory online, you will log-in and see a TON of wholesale clothing, accessories and shoe vendors that you will be able to begin placing orders with.

The best way to access wholesale clothing vendors online

The best way to access wholesale clothing vendors online is through reputable online wholesale marketplaces like FashionGo. These platforms serve as centralized hubs where thousands of vendors showcase their products.

Online wholesale marketplaces host a diverse range of vendors, offering everything from trendy clothing and accessories to shoes and beauty products. This variety allows boutique owners to explore different niches within the fashion industry, catering to various customer preferences and expanding their product offerings.

Online wholesale marketplaces also provide unparalleled convenience. From the comfort of your living room couch, you can browse through a vast array of products, compare prices, and read reviews from other boutique owners. This accessibility saves time and effort that would otherwise be spent traveling to physical trade shows or wholesale markets.

What’s Next?

The journey doesn’t end here! If you’re hungry for more guidance on steering your online boutique toward success, I’ve got something special for you.

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