How to Purchase a Domain for Your Online Boutique

What is a domain?

As per, a domain name is the address where internet users can access your website. The domain name must be registered before you can use it. Every domain name is unique. No two websites can have the same domain name. If someone types in, it will go to your website and no one else’s.

When should you buy a domain?

Once you’ve chosen a name for your online boutique, it’s time to purchase your domain. But before doing that, you want to visit Namecheckr to see if your domain and the respective social media accounts are available for you to use. 

Best place to buy a domain name?

I purchase all of my domains from Namecheap. Why? They include FREE domain privacy protection with each purchase. No nickle-and-dime treatment (like GoDaddy), and I do suggest you get your online boutique domain name there too. Click here to buy your domain name from Namecheap.

BTW, stay far away from GoDaddy! I don’t recommend them because they charge extra for EVERYTHING and their backend is a technical nightmare (as of writing this post) and if you will be building your website yourself you don’t want to make your life difficult.

Things to consider when choosing a domain for your business?

  1. Don’t choose an online boutique domain name that is too long for potential customers to type.
  2. Purchase a domain with .com or .co and stay away from using .org or .net
  3. Don’t put LLC or INC in your domain name.
  4. If a domain reseller is holding the domain you want hostage then feel free to add shop to the front of your domain ex: — you can always buy the other domain name later on if you decide it’s worth the expense.