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Get My 4-Step Blueprint To Finally Launch Your Online Boutique THIS YEAR!

So That You Can Be Your Own Boss, Follow Your Passion, Work From Home and Make Money Doing What You Love

(even if you've never sold anything online before!)

In this Masterclass, you’ll learn: 


Three of the BIGGEST mistakes all new boutique owners make

Most newbies make at least one of these and their boutiques end up struggling with low or no sales 


Why you’re probably holding yourself back  

And the one thing that separates successful online boutique owners from the wantapreneurs — people who talk about their dreams but never actually live them 


Why your online boutique is NOT about you  

And who you need to be 100% focused on instead so that you can actually make money and not have boxes of inventory piling up in your living room.  


How you can run a REAL business from home  

And how you can get started in the next 3 months... without being stressed, overwhelmed or second-guessing every business decision you make.


How to start an online boutique that brings in CONSISTENT income 

Follow my four simple steps to create income every single month so you can start living the life you've been dreaming about.

This Training is for you if:

  • You want to start a women or children's clothing, footwear or accessories online boutique.
  • You feel confused, frustrated or stuck on your journey to starting an online boutique.
  • You've said "I just don't know where to start".
  • You've spent hours, months or even years doing research but still don't have an actual online boutique to show for it.


you're ready to commit to building something for yourself — an online boutique that you can be proud of and grow into a business that brings in consistent income.

Hi, I'm Jenelle!

Wife, Mom, Fashion buyer turned marketing nerd and lover of all things pink.  

When I lost my dream job during the recession, I found eCommerce—launching multiple businesses and going through the roller coaster of frustration, disappointment and doubt.  

But I didn’t give up.  

And a few years ago, I launched a boutique that I was able to brand, build and sell just 7 months later!


That’s when I knew I finally had the breakthrough I was looking for in the years of figuring things out. And now I have the privilege of sharing that blueprint with women just like you so that you can experience the freedom and growth that I have as an entrepreneur.  

I’m here to help you bring your dream to life! You deserve it.

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Starting an online boutique is SOOO much more than just buying wholesale inventory and putting up a website/Facebook group/Instagram page.

Just ask all the women who followed that "plan" and are struggling to make sales right now.

Been there. Did that.

And let me just tell you right now... owning a struggling business IS. NOT. FUN!

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Maybe you’ve been waiting for the “perfect time” to create and launch your online boutique but successful people know that the "perfect time" is when your desire meets the right opportunity.

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