Making sales from social media just got wayyy easier!

If you're an online boutique owner who is struggling to get attention on social media — inside Social Media Made Easy™ you’ll find a simple content creation blueprint with reusable marketing ideas and content prompts so that you can quickly churn out all the posts, stories and reels you need to be consistent online and get more followers and make more sales in your business!

social media made easy - reusable content calendar

Finally take the stress out of social media!

Get your content creation blueprint, packed with 31-days of ideas and prompts for posts, stories, and reels that you can use over and over, month after month.



It's a content blueprint with everything you need to succeed on social media as a boutique owner!

for your social media content (stories, feed posts and reels) so that you no longer have to feel frustrated or confused about what to share with your followers!

Get your followers to shop with your boutique all year long so that you can get consistency in your sales and not have to wait for Black Friday to make the big bucks!

Plus get an overview on tried and true social media best practices so that you can show up consistently and have time to manage the other aspects of your business!

If you could run your online boutique without social media, you probably would. 

But it’s 2023.

Every online boutique needs to have a social media presence because that's where shoppers go to learn more about you and your brand. 

And since it’s not going anywhere any time soon, shouldn't it be easier? 

Why spend hours every single week...

  • thinking of ideas 💭
  • taking pictures 📸
  • recording (and re-recording videos) 🤳

just to get...

  • a few measly likes ❤️
  • some stupid bot comments that say 'promote your post on our page'💬
  • or random 🔥 emojis 
  • and barely any clicks to your website? 💻

Instead, what if you could: 

get a bunch of ideas already made for you

create the content strategically (and actually save time)

schedule everything weeks in advance (so you don't have to take away from your already busy day as a boutique owner)

stop feeling like you need to be glued to your phone 24/7

You'd be less stressed, more consistent and excited to grow your online boutique. 

You'd be able to produce content quicker so that you could post more, get more followers and sell more stuff

You'd go from feeling like this: 

To feeling like this: 

Because now you'll be able to keep making progress and even stay ahead of the game!

Which means more time to do other things that can help you grow your dream business.

With Social Media Made Easy, you just pick an idea, make the content, schedule it to post and repeat. 

Over and over. 

So you’ll always have something fresh to post when you get new inventory for the season, add markdowns from past collections, have new holiday promotions, create exclusive discounts, and so much more!

Social Media Made Easy™ is your content creation blueprint! — packed with 31-days of ideas and prompts for feed posts, stories and reels that you can mix and match month after month. 


You'll be able to easily post every single day (without the extra stress of coming up with new ideas or wasting time scrolling through your phone for inspiration).

So that you post regularly, actually show up in your follower's feeds and give them a reason to spend their money with you (instead of another online boutique).


Get the social media content blueprint

loved by over 1,000 boutique owners!

Here's what you get:

  • A 31-day reusable calendar filled with ideas for what to post on your feed, in your stories and videos to record as reels so that you always know what to post.  
  • Over 40 different holidays you can use for promotions (more than just Mother's Day or Black Friday) PLUS marketing ideas to match — so that you can entice your followers to shop with your boutique. 
  • An overview of key shopping times throughout the year that you need to know and inventory ideas to help you keep customers shopping all year long so that you can get consistency in your sales. 
  • 15+ different content topics and themes that you can use to create posts that attract new followers every day so that you are always growing your audience and reaching new potential customers.  
  • A list of 20 ADDITIONAL reusable reels ideas that are perfect for every season and can be reused every time you get new inventory so that you are always promoting what you have in stock and getting followers to click over to your website.
  • A walkthrough video that shows you how to use the calendar so that you can plan your boutique's social media content with ease.
  • An overview of social media best practices including that important B-word so that you can be consistent on social media without feeling like you have to be online every day!

And start turning your follows, likes, saves and clicks into 💰💰💰

And it's available for a special price right now!



Social Media Made Easy™ has been a game changer for boutique owners all across America and the world!


How do I access Social Media Made Easy™?

As soon as you complete your purchase, you'll be prompted to create an account for our learning platform (if you've already purchased from Start Your Boutique, then you'll automatically see it in your student dashboard). Once signed in to you student account, you can access the content immediately.

Can I use this if I haven't launched my boutique yet?

Absolutely! It's never too early to get organized. In fact, it's important to create the right foundation so that you don't get sucked into wasting time on social media but make it profitable for your new online boutique right from the start.

How long do I have access to the content?

You have lifetime access to everything included with Social Media Made Easy™

Will this work for me if I live outside of the U.S?

The holidays that I've included are American and some of the retail seasons that I highlight may change based on where your country is located and the weather that you experience during the months.

However, people love the Social Media Made Easy™ content blueprint because of all the reusable ideas. These social media platforms are global and that means wherever you are, the same principles apply. That's why it's important to be able to follow a plan and create a strategy to make the most of these platforms as you grow your business.

I'm not using Instagram, will this still work for me?

You can absolutely use the ideas I share to create content for whatever social media platform that you use the most.

What type of boutique can use the content prompts included?

The prompts can be tweaked for any type of boutique, whether it's women's clothing, shoes and accessories or children's clothing, shoes and accessories.

Is this only for online boutiques, can I use it if I have a physical store location?

If you share anything about your brick and mortar store online then yes you can absolutely use it to grow your followers and get more sales.

I want you to be HAPPY with your purchase!

If you have any questions or concerns after you purchase, please email and we will work with you to make sure you can get the most out of your new Social Media Made Easy™ resources!

social media made easy - reusable content calendar

Finally take the stress out of social media!

Get your content creation blueprint, packed with 31-days of ideas and prompts for posts, stories, and reels that you can use over and over, month after month.