If you own an online boutique (or are thinking of starting one), you want as many people to see what you have to offer. That’s why platforms like Instagram are so important. But what do you share on Instagram feed to help turn strangers into customers?

In this blog post, we’ll discuss why sharing on Instagram is crucial for any new online boutique. We’ll also talk about content ideas that you can start using today to get more likes, followers, and clicks to your online boutique website.


What to Share On Instagram For Your Online Boutique in 2023



Why Instagram Is So Important for New Online Boutiques

Instagram has been an important social media platform for years. It’s a great way for new brands to get discovered. Hashtags allow you to tap into different segments of people based on what they’re already interested in. And being able to share photos and videos means that customers can get a sense of how your products look and fit without having to go into a store. That’s why sharing content on Instagram is so helpful for new online boutiques.

And why it’s so important to find the best way to use social media to help your brand grow. But first, you have to be aware of Instagram’s goals in order for you to be successful on the platform. And that goal, primarily, is to have users spend as much time on the platform as possible. That means you can leverage things like carousels and long-form videos (ex: a piece-by-piece review of your latest collection)  to increase the time someone spends viewing your content.

But what are some examples of content your new business share on Instagram to get more followers and keep them engaged? Here are some ideas:


Share Behind-The-Scenes Photos and Videos On Instagram

As an online boutique owner, you can be so much more than just a big, faceless brand. Social media allows you to share more of the personality of the business. So give your followers a peek behind the scenes of your online boutique.

Show them how you prepare for photoshoots, how you package orders, or even just what your office space looks like. This humanizes your brand because it gives strangers someone or something to connect to. And makes it less intimidating to consider making a purchase from a store that they can’t find at the local mall.


Share Photos and Videos of Your Products on Instagram

You’d think this would go without saying. But you’d be surprised how many online boutiques aren’t explicit about what they’re selling on their Instagram feed. Instagram is not just for cute quotes or memes (though that may be relevant to share based on who your target customer is).

The primary goal of any business is to make money. And that can’t happen if no one knows what you have for sale. So share photos and videos of your products as often as you can on Instagram. You never know when someone will see something that catches their eye and want to learn more about it.

Focus on creating content around common questions that a customer might have. If a dress has a back zipper that’s goldtone instead of silver, make sure to show it! Customers need as much information as possible to feel confident enough to purchase.

Don’t forget about the captions either! A good caption will get someone to actually click the link in your bio and be that much closer to shopping. You want to tell a story or share some benefits. That includes styling ideas if you’re selling clothing.

Finally, make sure that what you share is actually in stock! There’s nothing more disappointing them being excited about something that’s no longer available.


Use Instagram Reels To Get More Followers

Instagram Reels are short video clips that you can create and share on the platform. They were initially similar to TikTok videos that were really effective when they were around 15 seconds long and set to music. But now the reels tab of your Instagram profile includes long-form videos like your Instagram Live replays.

Reels can be a challenge for some new online boutique owners. But they’re a great way to show off your products and make an impression on people who are new to your brand. Get creative! Add text, and fun sounds, or use different filters to make your videos more interesting.

Just make sure that the focus is on your products and that potential customers aren’t distracted by everything else going on in the video.

Create Instagram Stories To Engage Your Audience

One way to get potential customers interested in your online boutique is to give them little sneak peeks of what’s to come. This could be in the form of new arrivals, sales, or even events that you’re boutique is participating in—like a local pop-up shop. That’s why Instagram stories are so important!

Unlike Reels which focus on getting new people to your content, Instagram stories are all about engaging your existing audience. So you can use them to generate interest from people who are already familiar with your online boutique. Which means that they’re more likely to buy.


Share User-Generated Content on Instagram For Your Online Boutique

One of the best ways to get new followers and show off your products is to share user-generated content (UGC) on your Instagram feed. UGC is any content that’s created by people who are not affiliated with your brand.

This could be in the form of a photo or video that someone took of them wearing or using your product. It could also be a review or testimonial that they wrote about their experience with your online boutique.

User-generated content is valuable because it helps to build social proof. This is the idea that seeing other people enjoying a product makes shoppers more likely to purchase. Shopping online is all about building trust. And the fastest way to do that is to let your happy customers sell things for you.


Run an Instagram Contest or Giveaway For Your Online Boutique

Everyone loves a chance to win free stuff! Running a contest or giveaway on Instagram is a great way to get people interested in what your online boutique has to offer.

You can ask people to follow you and tag a friend in the comments for a chance to win one of your products. Or you could do a giveaway where people have to purchase something from your online store to be entered.

Just make sure that you’re clear about the rules and requirements for entry. And that you choose a prize that’s valuable enough to get people interested.

There are plenty of different things that you can share on Instagram in 2024 to get more followers, increase engagement, and drive traffic to your online boutique. Just remember to be creative, be open to trying new content, be consistent, and keep your products front and center.

Feeling stuck about what to share on social?

Then the most important thing you can do is to be organized! Having ideas and a schedule for your posts ahead of time saves you the headache of trying to think of fresh content every single day. And, if you have things already on your calendar, you can batch-record your videos or pre-design any feed posts using services like Canva.


Plus, you can make the entire process stress-free with Social Media Made Easy, a 31-day reusable content calendar with ideas and prompts for reels, stories, feed posts, and promotions so you can grow your Instagram following and turn more fans into customers.