I'm Jenelle, your new online boutique coach!

After more than 10 years in eCommerce and just as many failed businesses, I know a thing or two about what NOT to do…

And after building a business from $0 to over $100K in less than 7 months and selling my bridal accessories boutique, I learned a few things along the way.

I began Start Your Boutique because I wanted to share the blueprint that I’ve found with other women just like me: women that want the freedom, fulfillment, and funds to live life on their own terms—and actually do what they love every day. 

I’m sharing from my experience so you can avoid the mistakes I made and take action (in the right direction) so that you actually accomplish your goals.

You're here because you want more...

Somewhere deep down, you’ve always wanted to start an online boutique but maybe you made excuses about why you couldn’t.

– it wasn’t the right time.

– you didn’t have any retail experience.

– you don’t have a business degree.

(and let’s be honest, there was probably some fear probably mixed in there too).

Then our online worlds came together and you’re here — on my website — and you can sort of feel all those excuses fading away.

You didn’t think you could do it… until now.

You’re finally ready to take your dream off the shelf and make it happen.

And I’m here to help. 💕