Starting Your Online Boutique

  • Starting an Online Accessories Boutique

    There’s nothing like the feeling of finding your favorite bag, pair of shades or adding to your jewelry collection.    So if you’ve been wondering how to start an online accessories boutique, then you’re in the right place.    Fashion accessories are great products to start with. They’re a relatively inexpensive way to upgrade any […]


  • How to Start an Online Children’s Clothing Boutique

    When it comes to starting an online children’s clothing boutique, you probably have a lot of questions. There are a lot of steps to go from your idea to actually getting your first customer. Here in Start Your Boutique, we’ll look at each key piece of the journey. And we’ll recommend resources to help you […]


  • 3 Product Description Examples that Sell

    When it comes to selling online, customers can’t just walk into a store and feel or try on the clothes.   So when they land on your website, what do they have to rely on?    Two key factors: photos and product descriptions. That’s how you make your products stand out.    But most brands […]


  • 3 Common Mistakes When Starting An Online Boutique

    If you’ve never launched an online boutique, then you can’t expect to get every little detail right from the start (unless you have Online Boutique Success®). And after almost 10 years in eCommerce, there are 3 common online boutique mistakes that we see most aspiring online boutique owners making before they launch. So in this […]


  • Should I Charge Sales Tax In My Online Boutique?

    If you’ve done any research about starting an online boutique, you’ve probably come across references to a “resellers permit” or “sales tax license”. Based on where you live, those terms can be interchangeable. But if and when you’d need a permit or license can be confusing. So in this post, we’ll look at what sales […]


  • best online boutique courses to start and grow your business

    Best Online Boutique Course to Start and Grow Your Business

    If you’ve wanted to start an online boutique, you’ve probably come across an online course. Learning online through taking an online boutique course makes starting an online boutique business more convenient than ever. And you no longer need a traditional education or years of retail experience to be successful. You can work at your own pace […]


  • invest in online boutique course

    Should I Invest In An Online Boutique Course?

    There’s no doubt that online learning is the future. You’ve probably considered taking a course yourself.  From Ivy League schools to major corporations, more and more institutions are adopting online learning as the new standard for education. Not only are online courses convenient, but they are also focused. You can pinpoint a specific program for […]


  • how to start an online boutique on instagram

    How To Start An Online Boutique on Instagram

    Starting an online boutique is more than just buying clothes and posting to your page. And while Instagram has helped brands grow exponentially, using the app as your only source of sales is dangerous. You don’t own anything on Instagram. And you can’t control when algorithms change, whether reach drops or if your followers even […]


  • how to create a return policy for an online boutique

    Should I Have A Return Policy For My Online Boutique?

    Returns, refunds, and exchanges are just a part of doing business online. It can be tempting to try to avoid it altogether. But opening an online boutique and not having a online boutique return policy will do more harm than good in the long run. Your job as an online boutique owner is to deliver […]