Buying Wholesale Inventory

  • How to Get a Wholesale License for Online Boutique in 2024

    There are a lot of important steps to starting an online boutique in 2024. It’s easy to get excited about buying inventory or designing a website. But none of that happens without making sure you’re a legal business first. And a key step in that process is having the right wholesale license to run your […]


  • Should I Charge Sales Tax In My Online Boutique?

    If you’ve done any research about starting an online boutique, you’ve probably come across references to a “resellers permit” or “sales tax license”. Based on where you live, those terms can be interchangeable. But if and when you’d need a permit or license can be confusing. So in this post, we’ll look at what sales […]


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    How to Purchase Inventory for Your Online Boutique from Your Couch!

    Starting an online boutique business is an amazing work from home opportunity. I’ll always remember hearing my first “cha-ching” from the Shopify app that notified me of my first sale. I’ve been hooked on making money online ever since!   For folks just starting their online boutique journey, hunting down trustworthy wholesale vendors can feel […]


  • If you're starting an online boutique you might be busy trying to find trustworthy wholesale suppliers and vendors however I don't want you to neglect the most important part about running an online boutique-- buying correctly so you can stay in business. Click through to learn more

    The Correct Way to Buy Inventory for Your Online Boutique

    As a future online boutique owner, one of the most exciting parts of the process is buying inventory for your online store! It’s like shopping at your favorite mall…x1000! Picture this: rows of exquisite dresses, racks filled with trendy accessories, and shelves adorned with unique handmade crafts – all waiting to find their way to […]


  • Want to start an online boutique? Interested in learning how to find wholesalers for an online boutique or where to buy wholesale clothing for your boutique? Before buying clothing you may be wondering how much inventory you will need to start your online boutique. Click through to download my inventory guide!

    How Much Inventory You Need When Starting an Online Boutique?

    “How much inventory should I start with online boutique?” you ask? You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on racks and racks of clothing in starting an online boutique. Inventory is a liability and you never want to get stuck with more inventory than you can sell. You want to make the most out […]


  • how to order clothes for your online boutique

    How to Order Clothes for Your Boutique

    So you’ve decided that you want to start an online boutique, now you’re wondering “How do I actually order clothes for my boutique?” I get it, there is a ton of information online to wade through. So, I’ve created a quick overview of how boutique owners actually purchase merchandise for their stores. Licensing & Permits […]


  • Starting an online clothing boutique but unsure about where to buy wholesale clothing? Click through for a list of tradeshows and wholesale marketplaces for online boutique owners. All based in America

    Where Do Online Boutiques Buy Clothes?

    As you think about starting an online boutique of your own, you may wonder “where do online boutiques get their clothes?” Once you get your reseller/sales tax permit you are given access to a whole new dimension of shopping via wholesale online boutique vendors that the average person has never seen before (imagine your local […]