As you think about starting an online boutique of your own, you may wonder “where do online boutiques get their clothes?”

Once you get your reseller/sales tax permit you are given access to a whole new dimension of shopping via wholesale online boutique vendors that the average person has never seen before (imagine your local shopping mall x 1000). 

These large gatherings of online boutique wholesale vendors are called trade shows and can be very overwhelming for a newbie since they normally last several days, there are thousands of booths to visit and you’ll be there buying products alongside buyers representing large department stores and shopping sites that may even be on your inspiration board!


Starting an online clothing boutique but unsure about where to buy wholesale clothing? Click through for a list of tradeshows and wholesale marketplaces for online boutique owners. All based in America


When you attend a trade show you must be very focused on who your target customer is and your purchasing budget. You’ll need to develop a well-researched buying plan then spend a few days looking at new product offerings from brands and selecting what you think will sell to your audience.

As you place orders you are buying multiples of a single style, not just one of each style like when you go shopping in a mall— this is why having your buying plan, and your purchasing budget in mind AND STICKING TO IT is so important.

Another thing to keep in mind is that you do not go home with the merchandise you’ve purchased. You are simply placing orders and then the product will be delivered to you by a certain delivery date.


Wholesale Marketplaces in the United States of America

Below, I’ve compiled a list of 8 trade shows and wholesale marketplaces based in the United States.


Location: Las Vegas, NV

Occurs twice a year over a 3-day period. An insanely large tradeshow with hundreds of women’s, men’s and children’s wholesale vendors.

2. Americasmart

Location: Atlanta, GA

A massive year round marketplace spread out in three buildings. They showcase apparel, gift, and home goods wholesale vendors.

3. Miami Merchandise Mart

Location: Miami, FL

Permanent year-round showrooms that offer products at affordable prices. You’ll be able to view a huge selection of wholesale vendors including women’s, children, and men’s fashion apparel clothing, footwear, swimwear, accessories, jewelry and gifts!

4. Fashion Industry Gallery

Location: Dallas, TX

A year-round wholesale online boutique wholesale that showcases women’s, men’s, and children’s apparel alongside accessories & footwear.

5. Children’s Club

Location: New York, NY

Showcases apparel, accessories, footwear, toys and gifts for newborn to age 12.

6. L.A. Fashion Market 

Location: Los Angeles, CA

A wholesale marketplace where you can view women’s, men’s and children’s apparel.

7. New York Shoe Show

Location: New York, NY

Get ready for footwear overload! At this show, you’ll see almost 1,000 footwear brands so there’ll be something for everyone.

8. Coterie

Location: New York, NY

This trade show occurs twice a year. They showcase higher-end women’s apparel, accessory, and footwear vendors.

How to buy boutique wholesale inventory online?

If you’re not ready to travel to a wholesale marketplace or tradeshow in person it’s possible to buy wholesale inventory for your boutique online. Read this blog to learn what you need to have prepared to buy wholesale inventory online.

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