5 Must Have Website Pages for Your Online Boutique

Starting an online boutique business? Click through to learn 5 must have necessary website pages for your online boutique

Having these five important pages on your online boutique website can make a huge difference in if you make the sale or not. As an online boutique you do not have an opportunity to impress your customers face to face or answer any questions they may have so your website should be the best salesgirl out there. She has to be on 24/7 after all— you want her to assure strangers that you are a safe place and that they can trust you with their hard earned money.

About Us Page

Creating a brand story that causes your online boutique to stand out amongst large retailers is important in helping customers connect with you. Keep these four points in mind when creating your about page.

  • Some brand history— who started it, where, and when — tell a story (but don’t be long winded)!
  • Why the company exists — what compelled you on starting an online boutique? What gap are you filling?
  • Your mission — is your goal to curate the prettiest skirts in the world? Share that vision here so your customers know what you’re all about
  • What sets you apart or makes you truly unique — what are you doing that no one else is doing? What will make your shoppers say “wow!”

Size Guide Page

Because your customers are unable to try on clothes before purchasing, creating a size guide is super important. It will help diminish the amount of returns you receive due to fit issues. If you sell internationally be sure to include size conversions

Shipping Policy Page

In the Age of Amazon its necessary to be clear on what the shipping policy for your online boutique is.

  • Do you offer free shipping on all orders?
  • Free shipping over a certain threshold?
  • Do you offer flat rate shipping?
  • Do you have carrier calculated shipping at checkout?

Be clear on what customers can expect. It’s important to choose the option that works in your favor as a small business.

Exchanges/Returns/ Refund Policy Page

These pages can make or break if a customer will buy with you.

  • How long after receipt of a package will you accept returns and exchanges?
  • Will you accept for any reason or only if items are damaged?
  • Will you give money back refunds or only store credit?

Once again, take some time out to put a policy in place that works in your favor and is still fair to your customer. A good question to ask yourself is “would you shop with you?”

Privacy Policy Page

No one wants to give their personal information to a business that will sell it or use it with ill intent. Just make sure to be clear on what information you collect about your customers, how you use it and why.

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