Marketing Your Online Boutique

  • 7 Business Tips for Online Boutique Owners

    If you’re an online boutique owner, then you know that it can be difficult to make consistent sales. When starting an online boutique, there are so many things to consider when it comes to running your business, from creating a website and choosing products to marketing and shipping. In this blog post, we will discuss […]


  • How to Use Social Media to Grow Your Online Boutique

    Fifteen years ago, Facebook didn’t exist.  Now it boasts almost 4 billion combined users on Facebook and Messenger worldwide (plus another billion from Instagram).  It wouldn’t be a stretch to say over half the world is on social media. That means there’s a very high probability that you can find your customer on these platforms― […]


  • 5 Top Ways to Market Your Brand

    Marketing is how businesses let customers know that they exist. If no one knows about your business, then they can’t shop. If they don’t shop, then your business doesn’t make money.  If your business doesn’t make money, then it’s not a business at all.  So if you have an online boutique (or if you’re thinking […]


  • should you use influencer marketing to grow your online boutique

    Should You Use Influencers to Grow Your Online Boutique Business?

    From radio spots and print ads to TV commercials, companies have been using ‘famous faces’ to help market their products for decades. So as social media continues to grow, celebrities aren’t the only ones with influence. It could be mom-blogger sharing her favorite fashion finds. Or an interior designer sharing her best decor tips. Now […]


  • how to start an online boutique on instagram

    How To Start An Online Boutique on Instagram

    Starting an online boutique is more than just buying clothes and posting to your page. And while Instagram has helped brands grow exponentially, using the app as your only source of sales is dangerous. You don’t own anything on Instagram. And you can’t control when algorithms change, whether reach drops or if your followers even […]


  • When you've just launched an online boutique the one thing on your mind is how to make your first sale. Click through for resources on marketing strategies to use that will help you drive traffic to your online boutique

    How to Drive Traffic to Your Online Boutique

    When you are starting an online boutique, I’m sure you imagined it becoming someone’s preferred place to shop. The big question upon launching your site quickly becomes “how do I get people to come to my website and give me their money?” Below, I’ll introduce you to the strategies you should be using in order […]