Embarking on the journey of starting your own online boutique is an exhilarating endeavor.

It’s a venture that allows you to turn your passion for fashion or unique products into a thriving business.

However, just like any other business, the success of your online boutique relies on careful planning and having the right tools at your disposal.

In this blog post, we’ll delve into the essential supplies that are absolutely necessary for launching and running a successful online boutique. These five must-have supplies will be your trusted companions on the path to boutique success. So, let’s explore the tools that will help you turn your dream boutique into a reality.

Packaging Supplies for your Online Boutique

When shopping online, the first physical contact customers will have with your online boutique is when they are handling the package that has been delivered to them. This is a unique opportunity for your business to make a favorable impression and strengthen your brand identity.

Great packaging can create an entire experience for your customer. Click here to read this post filled with packaging inspiration for online boutiques.

When you’re just starting out you may choose to avoid the extra costs of custom packaging. If so, you can get started with plain poly mailers which are super cheap.

Plain Poly Mailers

Poly mailers are great because it protects the item from rain and it’s very lightweight so it keeps the shipping costs minimal. You’ll want to get one or two sizes that can fit most of the items you will sell.

You can get plain poly mailers from Amazon and upgrade to custom poly mailers later on. Click here to purchase poly mailers from Amazon.

Custom Looking Poly Mailers

Amazon has poly mailers that you can buy in bulk that can make your online boutique really stand out and look like it’s custom but for way less!

Click here to purchase custom looking poly mailers from Amazon.

Custom Poly Mailers

StickerMule has custom poly mailers that you can put your logo on. Click here to get $10 of store credit! 

Tissue Paper

Plain Tissue Paper

You may also want to explore using tissue paper to wrap the clothes before putting them into the poly mailer. You can purchase bulk tissue paper from Amazon. Click here to see their assortment of colors!

Custom Tissue Paper

You can also order custom tissue paper from No Issue. They are sustainable, have affordable pricing and have low minimums.

Shipping Supplies for your Online Boutique

Postal Service Shipping Scale

You’ll also need a postal service shipping scale to weigh your finished package and buy the correct amount of postage. You never want to overpay (because USPS will not seek you out to return your money) and you never want to overpay because it may stop the package from being delivered to your customer or the postal service may charge the customer extra which is a horrible experience. Click here to purchase your postal scale from Amazon.

Shipping Label Printer

A shipping label printer such as this one from Rollo. A label printer saves you time when packaging your customers items. You don’t have to worry about ink (which can get really expensive), printer paper, using scissors or tape. You want to spend most of your time doing things that matter to the bottom line of you business so it’s important to have the right tools that will make preparing packages a super quick process. Click here to purchase your Rollo label printer from Amazon.

If you already have a home laser printer (not inkjet; you’ll cry with how much money is spent on ink) then you can use it to print shipping labels and fasten them to the box with scissors & tape. When you have a consistent amount of sales coming in then upgrade to a label printer to save time and money.

If you don’t already have a home laser printer then you can purchase a Rollo label printer straightaway. 

Marketing Supplies for your Online Boutique

Postcards/ Package Inserts

Using postcards as package inserts (you include one in every package) can be a great way to encourage repeat customers. You’ll want to design a card that is consistent with your brand style and include things like a snippet of your brand story, your tag line, a request for a selfie, your social media usernames and even a coupon code to use on their next order.

You can purchase order insert cards from Amazon

Operations Supplies for your Online Boutique

Standing Fabric Steamer

I also recommend a standing fabric steamer to make sure the merchandise is presented as beautifully as possible and not full of wrinkles due to how it may have been stored. A standing steamer is better than a handheld/portable steamer so you don’t have to keep refilling the water. Click here to get your steamer from Amazon.

Anything I haven’t listed here is NOT 100% necessary to get your online boutique up and running.