• invest in online boutique course

    Should I Invest In An Online Boutique Course?

    There’s no doubt that online learning is the future. You’ve probably considered taking a course yourself.  From Ivy League schools to major corporations, more and more institutions are adopting online learning as the new standard for education. Not only are online courses convenient, but they are also focused. You can pinpoint a specific program for […]


  • how to start an online boutique on instagram

    How To Start An Online Boutique on Instagram

    Starting an online boutique is more than just buying clothes and posting to your page. And while Instagram has helped brands grow exponentially, using the app as your only source of sales is dangerous. You don’t own anything on Instagram. And you can’t control when algorithms change, whether reach drops or if your followers even […]


  • how to create a return policy for an online boutique

    Should I Have A Return Policy For My Online Boutique?

    Returns, refunds, and exchanges are just a part of doing business online. It can be tempting to try to avoid it altogether. But opening an online boutique and not having a online boutique return policy will do more harm than good in the long run. Your job as an online boutique owner is to deliver […]


  • Why You Should Start an Online Boutique Before You Open a Physical Retail Store

    8 Things to Consider in Starting an Physical Boutique

    I get it. You’ve been thinking about opening a clothing store for what feels like forever. You can envision the color of the walls, the light fixtures, you’re totally in love with the beautiful store layout that you’ve planned and you know exactly what part of town you want your boutique to be located.  But […]


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    How to Purchase Inventory for Your Online Boutique from Your Couch!

    Starting an online boutique business is an amazing work from home opportunity. I’ll always remember hearing my first “cha-ching” from the Shopify app that notified me of my first sale. I’ve been hooked on making money online ever since! Opening an online boutique has never been simpler than it is now. You don’t even have […]


  • If you're starting an online boutique you might be busy trying to find trustworthy wholesale suppliers and vendors however I don't want you to neglect the most important part about running an online boutique-- buying correctly so you can stay in business. Click through to learn more

    The Correct Way to Buy Inventory for Your Online Boutique

    As a future online boutique owner, one of the most exciting parts of the process is buying inventory for online boutique! It’s like shopping at your favorite mall…x1000! Once you’ve filed your LLC, received your EIN number, created your business bank account and gotten your reseller’s permit, you’ll have access to more vendors than you […]


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    3 Signs You Are NOT Ready to Start an Online Boutique Business

    “Should you be an entrepreneur?” “Am I ready to be an business owner?” Maybe you’ve asked yourself those questions, especially if you’ve been wanting to start your online boutique. The truth is you’re never really ready. Entrepreneurship is a decision and a commitment to stay the course. It’s about growing a positive relationship with risk […]