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    How to Purchase Inventory for Your Online Boutique from Your Couch!

    Starting an online boutique business is an amazing work from home opportunity. I’ll always remember hearing my first “cha-ching” from the Shopify app that notified me of my first sale. I’ve been hooked on making money online ever since! But looking for wholesale vendors can be a hassle for new online boutique owners. The good […]


  • If you're starting an online boutique you might be busy trying to find trustworthy wholesale suppliers and vendors however I don't want you to neglect the most important part about running an online boutique-- buying correctly so you can stay in business. Click through to learn more

    The Correct Way to Buy Inventory for Your Online Boutique

    As a future online boutique owner, one of the most exciting parts of the process is buying inventory for online boutique! It’s like shopping at your favorite mall…x1000! Once you’ve filed your LLC, received your EIN number, created your business bank account and gotten your reseller’s permit, you’ll have access to more vendors than you […]


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    3 Signs You Are NOT Ready to Start an Online Boutique Business

    “Should you be an entrepreneur?” “Am I ready to be an business owner?” Maybe you’ve asked yourself those questions, especially if you’ve been wanting to start your online boutique. The truth is you’re never really ready. Entrepreneurship is a decision and a commitment to stay the course. It’s about growing a positive relationship with risk […]


  • If you’re going to start an online boutique business, then one of the first things you’ll need to do is buy a domain name. This post will teach you all the basics you'll need to get a domain name you love.

    How to Purchase a Domain for Your Online Boutique

    What is a domain? As per website.com, a domain name is the address where internet users can access your website. The domain name must be registered before you can use it. Every domain name is unique. No two websites can have the same domain name. If someone types in http://www.yourdomain.com, it will go to your […]


  • Thinking of starting your own online boutique business? You'll need to create an LLC in order to buy wholesale clothing from vendors/suppliers. Click through to learn how to file an LLC.

    How to Set Up an LLC for Your Online Boutique Business

    You don’t have a real business unless you have a legal business entity. So if you’re in the US, the most common entity is an LLC. So what is an LLC? And how do you set one up for your online boutique? Keep reading to learn exactly what you need to know to get started. […]


  • How to Build Trust on Your Online Boutique Website

    Shopping online can be scary! Especially when it’s a new brand you’ve barely heard of. When you’re starting an online boutique, potential customers are looking for cues that they can and should spend their money with you such as your online boutique website. Building that intrinsic trust will go a long way to not only […]


  • 5 Must Have Supplies You’ll Need When Starting an Online Boutique

    Packaging Supplies for your Online Boutique When shopping online, the first physical contact customers will have with your online boutique is when they are handling the package that has been delivered to them. This is a unique opportunity for your business to make a favorable impression and strengthen your brand identity. Great packaging can create […]


  • If you want to start an online boutique but have no money click through to read more about what you'll actually need when launching the online boutique of your dreams.

    How to Start an Online Boutique with No Money

    You’ve probably heard a bunch of entrepreneurs share their rags to riches story. Saying things like “I started in my basement with $100”. And it’s a powerful story. But what they usually fail to share is how much they had to invest to grow their business from that first moment. Sure you can start something. […]