When starting an online boutique, it’s not enough to have some bullet points about the color, size and material. With the right product description, you can bring a product to life— if you’re selling the same product as another online boutique. 

In a previous post, we shared a simple framework for how to write product descriptions for your online boutique.

So in this blog post, we’ll look at some of the best product description examples from some household brands across the internet.  And we’ll outline why they work so well so that you can use their tactics to make more sales for your online boutique. 


3 Product Description Examples that Sell



When it comes to selling online, customers can’t just walk into a store and feel or try on the clothes. So when they land on your website, what do they have to rely on? 

Two key factors: photos and product descriptions. That’s how you make your products stand out. 

But most brands skip over the second part and wonder why they’re not making as many sales as they think they should be. 

And that’s because people love stories. It’s human nature. 

In marketing there’s a saying: ‘facts tell, stories sell’.

Using a story creates demand.

In the product description examples that follow, you’ll see how you can make something like an otherwise ordinary top feel like a must-have item!


Using Humor in Your Product Descriptions

product description examples for online boutiques


Method is a popular home cleaning brand with a range of products. 


For their floor cleaner, they immediately break the ice with humor: “smells so good, you practically want to eat off the floor”. 


Then they immediately confirm the benefits for their more health conscious customers: “no wax formula is non-toxic and biodegradable”. 


The language makes the product relatable while keeping the context relevant. It’s inviting and friendly, which is the right feel for a company that wants you to use their products in your home. They even use only lowercase letters to that effect too.


Method goes on to explain even how the shape of the bottle makes the product easier to use. 

They did a great job of creating the setting in which their product would excel.

So when it comes to your online boutique, the same principles still apply.


  1. Be personable. You’re selling to humans so don’t lose the human touch. 
  2. Be relatable. Come from the position that you understand what they’re thinking and feeling. Context is super important when making a decision. 
  3. Be effective. Show why you’re the best choice. 


How does the top you’re selling make it even easier to choose an outfit for that special event? Focus on what’s valuable to the person on the other side of the screen. 


Using Education in Your Product Descriptions

product description examples for online boutiques

Maybe you just thought it was a cool lamp? But West Elm (a popular home furnishings brand) creates an opportunity to educate a customer with this product description example. 


It plays up the lamp as truly functional decor. 


Not only will it accent your home but now you’ll have a little something fun to share about the origins of the design too.


The context is clear: buy this product for the friends you want to impress—and it’ll make your living room look nice too! 


As an online boutique owner, you’re not just selling clothes or accessories. You’re helping your customers look and feel their best. West Elm doesn’t miss out on this at all! 


There’s nothing better than receiving a compliment and West Elm does a great job of leveraging the psychological value of acceptance and community. 


This all comes down to knowing your customer and leading with what they value. When you get clear on that, it gets even easier to use stories that sell and create captivating product descriptions for your online boutique.    


Think about the big picture! It’s not just an exchange or money for a product. In many ways, you’re delivering an experience. Don’t be afraid to describe it.


Using Questions in Your Product Descriptions

product description examples for online boutiques

This product description example is a fantastic example of qualifying your customer! 


If you recognize any of the wines mentioned, then you’re their perfect customer (‘the sommelier in training’). Plus it shows that Uncommon Goods has an understanding of the wine tasting experience. 


The Wine Character Arc is a great way to sample choice aperitifs and recreate a trendy bar feel right in the comfort of your home. They even go on to explain the various ways to use the set. 


“No-brainer” purchases happen when the customer has no more questions to ask—especially when all the benefits are clearly laid out. 


So how about your online boutique? What questions can you ask that qualifies your customer and let’s them know they’ve found the perfect product? 


It can be something as simple as “struggling to one top that actually works with multiple outfits?” If your customer values versatility, then that might be just the introduction to pique their interest. 


Most boutiques sell similar styles of on-trend products. So why should a customer choose to shop from you instead of someone else? 


Having the right product description can be just the edge you need. 


Your goal is to keep shoppers interested long enough to add your product to their cart.


So make sure you’re writing story-based product descriptions that help more customers choose your online boutique. 


What’s Next?

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